Friday, October 14, 2016

New Mortgage Ruling - Updated

We have some good news from CMHC and Genworth. They have revised some items regarding the rules taking effect on Monday:
  • Pre-approvals may now be grandfathered in (on exception) with the previous rules as long as they are pre-approved by October 17th (please note that many banks have already cut off pre-approvals under the old rules)
  • They will now allows deals under the old rules as long as there is a signed purchase contract before October 17th, regardless of when it is submitted to the lender or when it closes
  • They have taken away the mandatory closing before March rule (which is great for new builds and pre-sales)
  • Applications that were approved prior to October 17th can now be revised if need be as long as the applicants and property do not change
If you have clients looking to qualify under the new rules, please ensure they have a signed contract in place before Monday.

Contact your favorite Banker or Broker asap.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Another great source of information about Prince George BC

Here is link to Prince George Real Estate on Facebook that provides good info about PG and area.
Here is link:

Thursday, June 30, 2016

6 Things Vancouverites Can’t Get Over About Life In Prince George

This is a great article from the Blog Move UP Prince George....
Quote: "I may be a UNBC alumna living in Vancouver but from time to time I have the great pleasure of visiting friends still living in Prince George." .... Press here for the whole story.


Monday, May 30, 2016

Keep up to date with City of Prince George ​​​​​​Agendas and Minutes online

For those that want to keep up on things down at city hall these minutes are posted here for your convenience only. Visit their site at


Friday, January 29, 2016

City of Prince George population is shrinking... NOT!

The recent news via the The Prince George Citizen that the population here in Prince George is shrinking is a false number. I would estimate we are closer to 90,000. I would say it is in the best interest of both the Federal and Provincial governments to see the lowering of population through poor counting procedures. The best way for both these governments to reduce their costs via transfer payments to cities is to see to a lower population count which is another way to push expenses down to the city or town.
I would suggest the City of PG looks at what this is costing us by these reduced transfer payments verses the cost to have an accurate count done of our population... The cost to do this may be worth it.
My family has not been contacted in recent memory for a census and wonder how many others have not and/or we may just be too red neck enough to fill out the census. If this is the case the city should put on a campaign to encourage to be involved in the count. How? Well, if it turns out that doing a proper count is cost effective vs lost transfer payments then sell the population on being counted... Ask this question at the beginning of the questionnaire - "Want to reduce your taxes and have the Feds pay instead? Then how many people including the tenants you don't want anyone to know about live in this home?"
Just a thought.... Cheers!